Michael's Yu-Gi-Oh!

"Yugioh WAV Files I Made!"

I recorded these sound and WAV files myself.
Please do not use them on your site.
They are for personal enjoyment.

Click the file name, you may be prompted to download the WAV file,
or another web page will open up and Quick Time will play it,
this depends on each individual machine.

Hi! Anytime I click on one on my local machine, Windows Media opens up for me, but that's because I have Windows Millennium (Windows Me). I recorded all of the WAV files using Sound Recorder. On my machine its under C:\WINDOWS\SndRec32.EXE. All of these WAV files can be played by using the Sound Recorder, which comes with all standard Windows Operating Systems, except for Windows NT. Save the WAV files on your machine instead of opening up from the current location, if you have that option.

Here's I recorded the WAV files: After I recorded the WAV file, in Sound Recorder I hit File\Save As. On the bottom of the new screen it's currently set in the format PCM 22,050 Hz, 8 Bit, Mono (which is huge in file size). I clicked the Change button at the bottom and changed the PCM to MPEG Layer-3 which makes the same WAV file smaller in size for faster downloads, and doesn't change the quality of the recording. --Michael

WAV File Name File Size
Joey Week Long Promo 99 KB
New Episode on Saturday 100 KB
Call of the Haunted Conclusion 100 KB
5000 Years Ago 100 KB
Crazy Takes April 23, 2002 146 KB
Crazy Takes April 24, 2002 146 KB
Crazy Takes April 25, 2002 147 KB
cToon from Hostess 75 KB
Champion Verses Creator Part 2 99 KB
The Weekdays Card 100 KB
Schedule on Saturday 58 KB
Lions and Tigers.. 52 KB
Monday-Friday 99 KB
Orange Happy Juice 100 KB
Play for Different Reasons 100 KB
Ultimate Dragon Conclusion 99 KB
You Don't Just Play This Game 50 KB
Kiaba's Quest 96 KB
July 27, 2002 Road Trip 113 KB
August 10, 2002 Double Duels Promo 100 KB
August 17, 2002 New Episode at 11 AM 51 KB
August 17, 2002 Promo for 11 AM Episode 98 KB
August 31, 2002 New Full Hour Next Weekend 97 KB
August 31, 2002 Super Stuffed Next Weekend 146 KB
September 7, 2002 Another Helping 35 KB
September 7, 2002 Another Yu-Gi-Oh Up Next 60 KB
September 7, 2002 Brand New Full Hour Today 98 KB
September 7, 2002 Friend or Foe Next Week 100 KB
September 7, 2002 Another Friend or Foe Promo 101 KB
September 7, 2002 Second All New Hour of Yu-Gi-Oh! 74 KB
September 7, 2002 Super Stuffed Saturday Now Begins 36 KB
Choose Your Strongest Cards Promo 52 KB
Dibs on the Candy Bars 39 KB
Joey Finally Cracked 358 KB
Puny Yugi 71 KB
Joey Has Come Along Way 129 KB
Prepare for an All New Episode 26 KB
No Matter What (Joey vs. Yugi Theme song) 363 KB
Yugi Verses Pegasus 147 KB
Brand New Next Saturday 152 KB
Friend or Foe Conclusion 74 KB
Friend or Foe Conclusion Now Begins 49 KB
Top of the Tower 99 KB
Tournament of Masters All Week 98 KB
Yugi Verses Pegasus Next Week 148 KB
Final Duel of Souls 71 KB
New Saturday Next Week 150 KB
Yugi Verses Pegasus Continues Next Week 100 KB
Yugi Verses Pegasus Part 3 Promo 96 KB
Release the Power 50 KB
Wear a Hat 99 KB
You Go First! 99 KB
Yugi Verses Pegasus Part 5 Promo 99 KB
Aftermath Promo 147 KB
Halloween of Screams 10/05/02 76 KB
Halloween of Screams 10/19/02 148 KB

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