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Please do NOT copy this data! Please respect the integrity of those that helped me find this information. Also, it's taken an extremely long time to do the research to even find this information and put it in one place. Thank you.

Viva La Yugi!

On top of my own research, special thanks go to the following reporters, duelists, and friends for helping me locate the following information:

Shortyredd17 (Rachel), Silvana (Japanese Data), Jesus (Italian data), Binky16, Sera Kaiba, DJ Silence Yuy, Brigid, Spinel Sun, Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto, Andrew Leal, Stephanie Z, Brittany Acuna, Sun's Kiss, Candice (Music2983), Reporter Sifu Ten, Reporter Karina, Souzou Ketsuna (Holly), Reporter Laria Kaiba, Christopher K. Smith, B2000Togepi, Chris McFeely, TheMadnessDog, Mepu-Chan, Jake B, EDDYS318, Pokegirl, Cody S, Cornwiggle, MadCartman3000, Faye, Kimberly J

NOTE: Data listed at Yu-Gi-Oh - The Voice Actor Page is NOT accurate.
TVHome.com WAS PREVIOUSLY NOT accurate. However, they COPIED my data!!!!!!!
NOTE: Data listed at IMDB is NOT accurate either.

This site here is a good source for English Yu-Gi-Oh voice actors.
The Internet Movie Database Inc. An amazon.com company, is mostly correct.

It appears that many voice actor pages either have no data on Yu-Gi-Oh or copied incorrect data from one another. For example, Lisa Ortiz does NOT do the voice of Tea!!!!!! Geez that just irritates me. She only does the voice for Serenity Wheeler. I know this PERSONALLY because when I met Lisa Ortiz at Katsucon (February 2002), I asked her about recent voice work and she said she had a small part on Yu-Gi-Oh for Joey's sister, and that was it for Yu-Gi-Oh!

* = Waiting on confirmation on who is the correct Voice Actor. Right now there is conflicting data so the absolute accurate data is not known at this time.

Character Name
(USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, India)
English Voice Actor

According to Eric Stuart's official web site at http://www.ericstuart.com/  he directs the Yu-Gi-Oh voice actors and does the voice of Seto Kiaba. He does no other "main" voices in the show, except an occasional background voice (as he did for a kid on one of the Dungeon Dice Monsters episodes), but he is the voice of Brock and James in Pokemon and Gourry in Slayers.

Adam Blaustein is sometimes credited as Addie or Madeleine instead of Adam. Thanks to B2000Togepi for the clarification as I thought Adam and Madeleine were two different people.

Michael "Mike" Pollock, voice of Arthur Hawkins, has an official site at http://www.itsamike.com 

Jimmy Zoppi is the voice Weevil according to his biography on the Big Apple Animefest web site: http://www.bigappleanimefest.com/guests/J_Zoppi.cfm He has also done some additional voices in Pokemon.

Megan Hollingshead, the voice of Mia Valentine, is also the voice of Cassidy from Team Rocket, Nurse Joy, and Officer Jenny on Pokemon, Rose Marinade - Fighting Foodons.

Lisa Ortiz, the voice of Serenity Wheeler, is also the voice of Lina Inverse - Slayers, Nanaka Nakatomi - The Magic User's Club, Azalyn, Emi, and Yumi Hanner - The Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Coco - Fighting Foodons, Roxanne - Ultimate Muscle, and countless other voice work in Pokemon. She'll be doing various voice work in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for the Sony PlayStation2 as well. See pictures of Lisa Ortiz from my web site Michael's Slayers by clicking here. You'll also see pictures of her signing an autograph for me, proving that I've met her.

Wayne Grayson (Joey Wheeler) is also Michelangelo - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Tara Jayne (Mokuba Kaiba) also does Chase - Fighting Foodons, various voices in Pokemon.

Ted Lewis (Bakura and Yami Bakura): Doc Nakano - Ultimate Muscle, Escargoon - Kirby: Right Back At Ya!, Giovanni - Pokemon

Darren Dunstan (Maximillion Pegasus): Splinter - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
(NOTE: He also did the song, "Face up, Face Down" as Pegasus on Yu-Gi-Oh Music to Duel By CD)

Andrew Rannels, voice of Mako Tsunami, also is the voice of Connor in Cubix, Archie in Archie's Weird Mysteries, and Fried Ricer and Albert from Fighting Foodons.

According to Chris McFeely, the following information is correct and was verified from Eric Stuart himself through his web site http://www.ericstuart.com: Eric confirms that Yugi (and Yami Yugi) are, in fact, voiced by Dan Green. Lewis is�Bakura and Bandit Keith, as you have listed. More for ya, courtesy of Stuart - you're correct, Tea IS Amy Birnbaum. Joey, meanwhile, is Wayne Grayson. Tristan, on the other hand - he says the actor's first name is Frank, but he forgets how to spell his surname. But I don't see a Frank listed in the credits. Frank Frankson comes to mind immediately as a 'Frank' I know from other 4Kids shows, but that's just me tossin' out ideas. Given how far the show is into it's run now, it's safe to say Frank is the second voice for Tristan is the current voice. However, at the same time, I'm not entirely convinced Tristan had two voice actors. I think that one single actor simple altered his performance as time went by. It's not unprecedented for such a thing to happen.

Marc Thompson, the voice of Duke Devlin, is the same voice as Casey Jones and the News Reporter on the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

From HeathNi340: your voice actor for Shadi ["Adam 'Addie' Blaustein"] is slightly off. Though SHE goes by the nicknames "Adam," "Addie," and "Maddie" her name is in fact Madeleine Blaustein. :)

From Andrew L: Sam Riegal's official resume lists himself as the voice actor for Tristan and Donatello on the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show.

Andrew Rannels and Andy Rannels are the same person, just credited both ways.

From Brigid: Michael Alston Bailey is Odion, and he's also Sunshine in Ultimate Muscle.

Dan Green is also the voice of Mr. Mortu in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Brandon on Winx Club, Knuckles on Sonic X, and Ente in Pokemon 3 the movie besides countless other supporting actors on Pokemon.

From Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto: I just want to make a correction on Ishizu's English voice. Her voice is actually Kayzie Rogers. As a matter of fact, Kayzie has also voice the Dark Magician Girl in the "Freeze Play" episode. Also, David Wills (not Willis) does the voice of the Big 5's Nezbitt. David has also done voices on MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch, Funky Cops (Walker and various others), Ultraman Tiga (Captain Sawaii), and TMNT (as Stainless Steal Steve). He's also part of a comedy troupe called "Paradigm Shift Pelican".

From Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto: I have found that the voice of Leichter is done by Tom Souhrada, one of the new voice-overs from the "Big 5" serial. This was also confirmed on a New York Theater web site: Pioneer Theater Company. There's more, I also have word, which is true, that Tara Jayne is actually Tara Sands, and she has a website at http://www.tarasands.com. Her web site has many sound files of doing various voices for TV, commercials, and radio promos. From planeswalker910: The voice actor for Leichter is Tom Souhrada, as evidenced by the information given out by the following site: http://www.pioneertheatre.org/season/7_cast.htm 

Email from Pokegirl: Croquet is also voiced by Ted Lewis. If you listen to Bandith Keith and Bakura and Croquet they are very similar in style and range.

Ditz800 asks this question, "Aren't Dan Green and Ted Lewis the same person? Also known as Tom Wilson, and possibly Philip Bartlett?"

Names listed in Voice Characterizations credits but not sure who they match with:
Scott Anderson, Leo Gorman, Grainger Stephens, Richard Will
(NOTE: With the introduction of Noah, the Big 5, and Grand Championship, many new names appeared in the credits)

Yugi Mutou/Moto Dan Green
Yami Yugi Dan Green
Joey Wheeler Wayne Grayson
Serenity Wheeler Lisa Ortiz
Tristan Taylor 1st Voice Actor: Sam Riegal
2nd Voice Actor: Frank Frankson/John Campbell (same person, just listed with two different names, uncredited voice actor for Tristan)
Tea Gardner Amy Birnbaum
Seto Kaiba Eric Stuart
Mokuba Kaiba Tara Jayne
Bandit Keith Ted Lewis
Maximillion Pegasus Darren Dunstan
Maximillion Pegasus (as a little boy seen in a flashback) Darren Dunstan
Mai Valentine Megan Hollingshead
Bakura Ted Lewis
Yami Bakura Ted Lewis
Grandpa (Solomon Muoto/Moto) Addie Blaustein
Weevil Underwood Jimmy Zoppi
Rex Raptor Sam Riegal*
Kid with a yellow and black striped shirt that Mai Valentine defeated in "First Duel" just before she dueled Joey. Eric Stuart
Mako Tsunami (Water Duelist) Andrew Rannels
Panik (Eliminator in Pegasus' Tournament) J. David Brimmer
Para and Dox (Eliminators in Pegasus' Tournament) ?
Bones/Bonz (Dueled Joey in the cave, Season 1) Amy Birnbaum
Croquet (Chief of Security for Pegasus) Ted Lewis
Kemo (Main Security Guard for Pegasus) ?
Shadi (Man w/ turban in Egypt, holds the Millennium Key) Wayne Grayson
Rebecca Hawkins (little girl duelist with Teddy Bear) Kerry Williams
Arthur Hawkins (Rebecca's Grandpa, Ties of Friendship) Michael "Mike" Pollock
Ishizu Ishtar (Holder of the Millennium Necklace, Marik's sister) Kayzie Rogers
Cecelia (as a little girl seen in a flashback) Megan Hollingshead
Duke Devlin (Dungeon Dice Monsters creator) Marc/Scott Thompson
Jonny Stepps (from Steppin' Out) Sam Reigel
Mrs. Wheeler, Joey and Serenity's Mother (from Stalked By the Rare Hunters episode) ?
Serenity's Doctor/Nurse Veronica Taylor
Rare Hunter (from Stalked By the Rare Hunters episode) J.T. Ross (Jonathan Todd Ross)*
Marik (Rare Hunter Leader and Isis' Brother) J.T. Ross (Jonathan Todd Ross)
Coach Mordy/Morty (Soccer coach in The Mystery Duelist Part 1) Frank Frankson
Espa Roba (ESP Duelist) J.T. Ross (Jonathan Todd Ross)
Brothers of Espa Roba (there were 4 of them) ?
Bully Duelist w/ Purple Spider Shirt (from Master of the Magicians, Part 1) ? = same voice as Jonny Stepps
Rare Hunter Magician called Arkana (from Master of the Magicians) Sam Riegal
Odion (Rare Hunter Servant of Marik, has markings on his face) Michael Alston Baley
Kenta (In Playing with a Parasite, he was the little boy that sneaked into Serenity's room at the hospital cause he was scared) Veronica Taylor
One of the teenagers that was staring and mocking the mime (Mime Control Part 1) Wayne Grayson
Strings, the Quiet One (dueling Mime) J.T. Ross (Jonathan Todd Ross)
Loomis/Lumis (Rare Hunter in Double Duel) Jimmy Zoppi
Umbra (Rare Hunter in Double Duel) J.T. Ross (Jonathan Todd Ross)
Rolen/Roland (Master of Ceremonies in the Battle City Finals) Ted Lewis
Evil Spirit from Marik J.T. Ross (Jonathan Todd Ross)
Pilot of the Kaiba Blimp ?
Noah/Noa (AKA: Guzaborah's son, Seto's step-brother) J.T. Ross (Jonathan Todd Ross) - IMDB.com lists Andy Rannells
Big 5: Big 1 = Gansley ?
Big 5: Big 2 = Crump (Accountant) ?
Big 5: Big 3 = Johnson (Laywer) ?
Big 5: Big 4 = Nesbitt (Chief Technical Expert) David Wills
Big 5: Big 5 = Leichter Tom Souhrada
Dark Magician Girl (Freeze Play 2-part episode and several Waking the Dragon episodes) Kayzie Rogers (IMDB.com lists Bella Hudson and Erica Schroder)
Gozaboro Kaiba J.T. Ross (Jonathan Todd Ross)
Dartz Wayne Grayson
Grimo - Hooded Duelist, first to use the Orycalcos/Orichalcos ?
Motorcycle Biker #1 = Valan/Valen/Valon Marc Thompson
Motorcycle Biker #2 = Alister (Dueled Kiaba posing as Pegasus) Ted Lewis (same voice as Bandit Keith)
Motorcycle Biker #3 = Raphael (Dueled and beat Yami the Pharaoh) Marc Thompson
Alister's Little Brother (Mikey?) (Deja Duel, Part 2) ?
Ironheart (Dartz' Father) Brian Maillard as listed on IMDB.com
Kriss (Dartz' Daughter) Veronica Taylor
Dark Mia (My Freaky Valentine, Parts 1-3) Bella Hudson
Legendary Knight Timyaus (A Duel w/ Dartz Part V&VI) Dan Green (same voice as Yami Yugi)
Legendary Knight Hermos (A Duel w/ Dartz Part V&VI) Wayne Grayson (same voice as Joey)
Legendary Knight Gridius (A Duel w/ Dartz Part V&VI) Eric Stuart (same voice as Kiaba)
Leon Wilson (Grand Championship) ???
Dr. Richard Goat (Grand Championship) ???
Apdnarg Otom (Grand Championship) Addie Blaustein
Shane Jordan (Grand Championship) ???
Sergei Ivanoff (Grand Championship) ???
Paul McGregor (Grand Championship) ???
Abe the Monkey Man (Grand Championship) ???
Totani Ialos (Grand Championship) ???
Balfry Ginger (Grand Championship) ???
Jafar Shin (Grand Championship) ???
Vivian Wong (Grand Championship) ???
Fortune Salim (Grand Championship) ???
Ethan Shark (Grand Championship) ???
Zigfried Lloyd (Grand Championship) ???
?? - keeper of the Millennium Key Michael Alston Baley
?? - keeper of the Millennium Eye ???
?? - keeper of the Millennium Scale ???
?? - keeper of the Millennium Ring ???
Isis - keeper of the Millennium Necklace Kayzie Rogers
Seto - keeper of the Millennium Rod Eric Stuart
Ocnoden Addie Blaustein
Girl who has the Blue Eyes White Dragon inside her ???
Mana - Pharaoh's Spellcaster Kayzie Rogers (IMDB.com lists Bella Hudson)
Dark Magician - former keeper of the Millennium Ring ???


Date from Katherine: I really like your site, but there is some incorrect information. On the 'International Voice Cast' page, that section about the actors going to college and what not is false. I asked Dan Green and he said he didn't go to college, but wishes he did. [email protected] is his e-mail if you want to ask him some questions. He really is very nice and honest. I got the address from some girl whom I asked if you're wondering. I think she got it from some other actor, but I can't be sure.

Slifer the Sky Dragon Saint Dragon - God of Osiris reports that she received [email protected] from Mike Pollock. But the people who hosted the Armageddon Pulp Expo said that Dan's Email started with a "J" so there's some confusion there. HOWEVER, the email address for Dan Green may not be correct. Information she received from [email protected] indicated his email starts with a "J"

Courtesy of Andrew L - As a fellow animation/voice actor researcher, I thought you might be interested in information regarding the voice of Tristan. I confess I seldom watched Yu-Gi-Oh myself and have misplaced my credit transcription, but I did find a website for Sam Riegel (who you also have listed as "Siegel" at one point.) His official resume, which strikes me as a relatively reliable source, identifies him as the voice of Tristan, as well as playing Donatello in the current Ninja Turtles series (a show which, rarity of rarities, actually does have cast identifications for principals, I suppose because this isn't a dubbed series). In any event, the relevant page is here: http://victorian.fortunecity.com/byzantium/756/id21.htm 

Character Name (Germany) German Voice Actor
Yuugi Mutou Konrad B�sherz
Yami-Yugi Sebastian Schulz
Katsuya Jounochi (Joey) Robin Kahnmeyer
Hiroto Honda (Tristan) Kim Hasper
Anzu Masaki (Tea) Rubina Kuraoka
Sugoroku Mutou (Grandpa) Peter Groeger
Pegasus J. Crawford Till Hagen
Mai Kujaku Irina von Bentheim
Ryou Bakura Constantin von Jascheroff
Seto Kiaba Gerrit Schmidt-Fo�
Character Name (France) French Voice Actor
Yugi Moto / Yami Yugi Laurent Chauvet
? ?
? ?
Character Name (Italy)
Italian Voice Actor
Doppiatori Italiani
Character Name (Mexico) Mexican Voice Actor
Thanks to Maximillian Pegasus and Razz for this information.
Yami Yugi Irwin Daya�n
Seto Kaiba Ricardo Mendoza
Abuelo de Yugi Jorge Roig
Joey Wheeler Carlos I�igo
Tea Gardner Liliana Barba
Duke Devlin Luis Daniel Ram�rez
Maximillion Pegasus Gabriel Gama
Tristan Taylor Benjam�n Rivera
Mokuba Kaiba Ana Lobo
Mako Tsunami Pepe To�o
Mai Valentine Laura Torres
Espa Roba Luis Daniel Ram�rez
Weevil Underwood Lalo Garza
Character Name (Japan, (USA)) Japanese Voice Actor
Mutou Yugi Kazama Shunsuke, Megumi Ogata
Yugi Yami Megumi Ogata
Jounouchi Katsuya (Joey Wheeler)) Takahashi Hiroki
Honda Hiroto (Tristan Taylor) Kondou Takayuki
Mazaki Anzu (Tea Gardner) Saitou Maki
Bakura Ryou (Bakura) Inoue You (for Duelist Kingdom season); Matsumoto Rica (for Battle City season and for Battle Ship season)
Jounouchi Shizuka (Serenity Wheeler) ?
Kaiba Seto (Seto Kiaba) Tsuda Kenjirou AND Hikaru Midorikawa (They switched around as they continued with the series)
Kaiba Mokuba (Mokuba Kaiba) Takeuchi Junko
Haga Insector (Weevil Underwood)) Takano Urara
Ryuzaki Dinosaur (Rex Raptor) Nakamura Yuichi
Kujaku Mai (Mai Valentine) Terada Haruhi
Kajiki Ryouta (Mako Tsunami) ?
Pegasus J. Crawford (Maximillion Pegasus) ?
Malik Ishtal Iwanaga Tetsuya
? (Yugi's Mother) Suzuki Masami
Bandit Keith Howard (American Duelist) ?
Player Killer, hence the initials PK on his Jacket (Panik) ?
Kotsuzuka (Bones) ?
Mei and Kyuu (Para and Dox) ?
Sawaratari (Kemo) ?
? (Shadi) ?
? (Croquet) ?
Arthur (Arthur Hawkins) ?
Rebecca (Rebecca Hawkins) ?
Ryuji Otogi (Duke Devlin, Dungeon Dice Monsters) ?
Isis Ishtal (holds Millennium Necklace) ?
Step Johnny (Johnny Steps) ?
Rashid (Odeon, Marik's Servant) ?

I did not copy this data from any web site. The following data is courtesy of and credited to Souzou Ketsuna (Holly) for sending it to me:

Believe it or not, there was a season of Yu-Gi-Oh before the duel monster's element was made a bigger focus. It was also a little darker and slightly more sadistic sometimes, hence it was not dubbed for kids TV. I have a list of the actors for that season too, since there are a few changed when they entered the Duel Monsters series. There were 27 episodes of this season in all. As you can see, some of the names are slightly different and there are some characters who don't exist in one or the other.

Supporting Characters are listed in order of appearance by Episode #

Mutou Yuugi��������� ===     Ogata Megumi
Masaki Anzu��������� ===     Kakazu Yumi
Jounouchi Tatsuhiko� ===     Morikawa Toshiyuki
Honda��������������� ===     Okiayu Ryoutarou
Nozaka Miho��������� ===     Nogami Yukana
Kaiba Seta���������� ===     Midorikawa Hikaru
Bakura Ryou��������� ===     Kashiwakura Tsutomu
Female Student������ ===     Komatsu Rika {Episode 1,21}
Tetsu��������������� ===     Hiyama Nobuyuki {Episode 2}
Policeman����������� ===     Umezu Hideyuki {Episode 2}
Female Student������ ===     Okada Kanako {Episode 7,10,21}
Female Student������ ===     Kaneda Saori {Episode 7}
?������������������� ===     Tomizawa Michie {Episode 8,11}
Female Student������ ===     Ohtani Miki {Episode 10,13}
Mayumi�������������� ===     Sumitomo Yuko {Episode 10}
Student������������� ===     Ohtani Miki {Episode 11}
Child��������������� ===     Ohtani Miki {Episode 12}
?������������������� ===     Horikawa Ryo {Episode 12}
OL������������������ ===     Ohtani Miki {Episode 14}
Kageyama Lisa A����� ===     Yamazaki Wakana {Episode 15}
Kageyama Sister B��� ===     Uwagawa Emi {Episode 15}
Kageyama Sister C��� ===     Maeda Konomi {Episode 15}
Gouyuu�������������� ===     Ginga Banjou {Episode 16}
Jounouchi Shizuka��� ===     Neya Michiko {Episode 16}
Miyuki�������������� ===     Amano Yuri {Episode 16}
Irene��������������� ===     Tominaga Miina {Episode 17,24}
?������������������� ===     Urawa Megumi {Episode 18}
Kaoruko������������� ===     Touma Yumi {Episode 19}
Kaoruko friend������ ===     Maeda Konomi {Episode 19}
Kaoruko friend������ ===     Komatsu Rika {Episode 19}
Official������������ ===     Kamiya Hiroshi {Episode 19}
Dragon�������������� ===     Hiyama Nobuyuki {Episode 21}
Student������������� ===     Noda Junko {Episode 21}
Red����������������� ===     Egawa Hisao {Episode 22}
Black��������������� ===     Satou Masaharu {Episode 22}
Blue���������������� ===     Nishikawa Hiromi {Episode 22}
Announcer����������� ===     Uwagawa Emi {Episode 22}
Computer������������ ===     Okada Kanako {Episode 22}
Ryuuichi������������ ===     Horikawa Ryo {Episode 24}
Pokii��������������� ===     Maeda Konomi
Imori Hajime�������� ===     Tanaka Atsuko

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