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Reporter: Marika, Marta Blanco
Date: Jan 2004


From Marika: Yami's past name is Atem.

From Marta Blanco: Ok, regarding Yami Yugi's(Pharaoh's) real name,It's Atem or Atemu,Depending on either but at least you all will now know his real name ^_^

From Anna Holmes: ATEM!!! His name is Pharaoh Atem...it appeared in the recent Chapter of Yugioh manga. Though Yugi and the guiys pronounce it as Atemu (cause there Japanese and the hirigana goes as ma mi, mu.mi,mo.......... no solid M in japanese) it is DEFIENTLY Atem.

From Jaded Cat Eyez: I know the WHOLE of Yami's name... It is ATEMU. ....You get half of his name in vol 322 and the rest in vol. 333. :P Atemu (or Tum) in Egyptian mythology is "the closer". He's mentioned in the Book of the Dead as the God of Annu. Supposedly, he usurped the position of Ra and he's represented with the evening or night sun (ref: The Gods of the Book of the Dead). How approprate for Yami! =^__^= Some of his other titles are, "divine god," "self-created," "maker of the gods", "creator of men", "he who stretched out the heavens", and "the lightener of the tuat with his two eyes".

From king-salamy: Yami's name you all probably now what his name is already but i will just say it any ways its Atem or Atemu depends on what country you live in.

Reporter: Manga_nut
Date: Jan 2004


Still, here's some corrections of previous spoilers, pretty much in order.
†† 1. Yami Bakura is NOT Yami Yugi's brother! Whoever told you that is a liar/really confused.
†† 2. Mokuba is brainwashed AFTER they're already in the virtual world. In fact, it's near the end of the whole thing! And no, the Millennium Ring stays whole, Malik just holds onto it until the end of the finals. Then Bakura (who earlier lost his body in a duel with Yami Malik) is...resurected is probably the best word for it. So, Malik gives the Ring to Yugi, and when they go looking for something later (I forgot what) Bakura finds the Ring. So Yami Bakura's back with his hikari.
†† 3. Kaiba's ADOPTIVE father's name is Gozaborou. And Noa (in the anime at least) doesn't turn anyone to stone. Aditionally, Ryou did NOT do anything suicidal. It was his yami who challanged Malik to a duel, and he didn't get banished to the Shadow Realm. He had previously put a portion of his spirit into the Millennium Puzzle, so that's where he went when he lost. And he comes back anyway.
†† 4. In Kuru Eruna, they tried to kill ALL of the people. Bakura was the sole survivor, and that's how he got the scar on his right cheek. When he asked around, he was told that the pharaoh (Yami Yugi's father) had ordered the preists to do this. So he was VERY mad, and robbed the tomb of Yami's father and stole his mummy, dragging it into the palace and yelling curses to Yami. This spoiler wasn't really wrong, but I added a bit to it.
†† 5. Noa never wanted the Big Five guy who took Tristan's body to kidnap Mokuba. He was a bit upset about that, then decided he might as well take Mokuba anyway. And he calls Noa "nii-sama" because he was hypnotized, not just because of the hologram. Though the hologram made him vulnerable to the hypnotism.
†† 6. Yami Malik and Seto never duel.
†† 7. Amanda Wheeler doesn't exsist.
†† 8. Odion's tatoo is his sign of faithfulness and protection for Malik and his family. It didn't cure Malik, as the person said, but it DOES help hold back the evil in him (until he's knocked unconcious). Noa is Kaiba's brother by ADOPTION, if he was a step-brother, then one of Kaiba's parents would have had to marry Gozaborou (ewww). And Noa DOES sort of become Mokuba. He goes to the real world in Mokuba's body to destroy aomeplace and†the virtual reality (with the others still inside it!) but Yugi eventually frees Mokuba and everyone gets out in time. Noa had actually felt bad about it and would have stopped it, but Yami Malik saw it, and broke the machinery so it had to go off.
†† So that's corrections. God, I need help, I have no life. But now, for spoilers!!!
1. Yami Bakura saves the God Cards when†someone tries to steal them, and gives them to Yugi, who†had chased the one who stole them. Then Bakura said he would protect†the cards and Millennium Items, and give Yugi the Millennium Eye as a sort of peace offering. He tells Yugi that he will hand over his Ring when all the other Items are ready. But, he doesn't mention that he's waiting for the time when the Items and cards are put together, which will release a darkness he†plans to use, and then take the items for himself.
2. Yami beats Yami Malik by using Ra's weakness against him. Yami destroys Ra while Yami Malik was fused with it, but the regular Malik is still left with 1 life point.†At the start it was the hikari who'd be sent to the Shadow Realm after one of them lost, but because†the normal Malik took over while Yami Malik was fused with Ra, he was saved and Yami Malik was the one who was destroyed!

Reporter: Marta Blanco
Date: Jan 2004


Currently Yami Bakura and Yami Yugi are playing some sort of R.P.G game and the board is ancient egypt itself. Yami Yugi has the priests lives held by cards (There's Yami Yugi and then there's Pharaoh Atem who's in ancient egypt who is a memory, i know, so much confusion @[email protected] but oh well)

About Priest Seto & Kisara,Many people say Priest Seto killed her BUT he didn't. And for those who say he has no feelings for her, then you'r wrong because then he would have killed her before or you have not noticed his expressions in the manga. When Priest Seto is sent back to the collapsing palace by Zork who is Akunadim, he goes off to release Kisara from the prison room she was in,then when they reach the outside of the palace, he tells her to go to any direction, run away now, she does run but looks back at him once or twice then(i dont understand japanese one bit so i can only guess from looking at the pictures XD) Zork attacks Kisara and kills her! Yah....that's what happens so far.

Reporter: Teddyvance
Date: Jan 2004


Hey the season after Dartz is the KC Grand Pri Opening

Reporter: Anna Holmes
Date: Jan 2004


A†few chapters before the Dark Priest (Akunadin) attacked Kisara and Seto screamed out her nameand it ended there.
The chapter after Yami found out his real name it continues from where the Seto....Kisara thing left off.
Priest Seto is holding Kisara mourning over her death (the scan similiar to the one shown in the battle city backflash as seen below)
Note: her kaa hasn't exacly bee sealed yet
He suddenly hears Kisara's voice asking him if she could be the light inside his mind.
Anyway Seto is ful of anger and hatreed for his father.......but for some reason knows he can't hurt him (out of respect or something
nothing too personal)
The Dark Priest edged closes to a hole in the ground (where he perpares to jump off and kill himself)
He tells his son that he is a part of his body and blood and jumps into the crack.
The Dark Priest dark soul enters Seto's body and takes control of him.
The next scene is the BEWD sealed in the tablet and Pharoah Atem arriving back at the palace after a conservation with Yugi.
Seto claims that he will bet the Pharoah and become the new Pharoah.
Ends there
P:S: Atem (Yami) doesn't know that Priest Seto is being controlled.

Reporter: Teddyvance
Date: Jan 2004


Hey after Dartz is KC Grand Priz which is atournament set up by kaiba to win a lot of money to go back to japan. Later on bakura gives yugi the sennen eye

Reporter: Kiaba's_alter _ego
Date: Jan 2004


I was browsing the internet when i found a big spoiler. When then go back to then Battle City Final. Well you know how Tirstan and Devlen like Srenity well i saw and video that has Her and Kiaba together KISSING! AND tristan and devlin walk in on them. And also yugi gonna win Obelisk from Kiaba but not accept it!. Oh ya a Joey is the gonna win the Winged Dragon Of Ra.

Reporter: Kim Kennedy
Date: Feb 2004


kaiba gets an invetation by pegasus to come to duelist kingdom to fight him in a duel. Kaiba agrees. He goes to duelist kingdom to duel him in a blue-eyes white dragon jet.† Kaiba playes clone duplicator
(lets you copy the atk/def of one monster on your opponents side of the field./trap)
he than playes shrink on Pegasus's blue eyes toon dragon and destroyes it with his own, but of course the toon twists and gets out of the way! he than playes wing beat of giant dragon to destroy toon world. He finds out quickly that Pegasus is not Pegasus

Reporter: the_marine_queen
Date: Feb 2004


I just read the last of the Ancient Egypt Arc in the Manga. Zork Necrophidus took over Seto and forced him to Duel the Pharaoh. Seto has no idea what's happening, he's trapped in his mind chamber. Atem (Yami no Yugi's real name) calls out to him. He hears him very faintly. Zork tells Atem to move. The BEWD attacks a Tablet of the Black Magician. Mahado comes out and Protects Atem. In Seto's mind, Seto is trying to stop the Duel, but he's too weak. He sees Kisara's spirit. She asks him if he wanted to Duel Atem in the first place. He says never, that it was Zork who was dueling. Kisara says she wanted her Ka to protect Seto. She uses her pure heart to control her Ka, the BEWD. She tells the BEWD to attack Zork instead of Mahado and Atem. The BEWD listens to her and attacks Zork. Zork comes out of Seto,and faces it. The BEWD attacks him again. Zork disappears and Seto almost collapses to the ground. Atem goes up to Seto and asks if he is alright. Seto tells him that he's fine.

Atem then asks Seto to take over as the next Pharaoh in Atem's place. Seto is surprised and says that the duel they just fought was to see who the next Pharaoh was, and it was a draw. Atem tells him that the Duel was actually fought before, and Atem lost. Atem's spirit was trapped in his Puzzle and was solved by Yugi. When Atem fought the Duel again, it had ended the right way, as a draw. The Duel would be finished in the Future, in Alcatraz Duel tower. Atem said he needed to go back since he had regained all of his memories. Atem then takes the Puzzle off his neck and puts it on Seto. He tells Seto to be a good Pharaoh. Then he disappears. Isis and Mana are the only ones who witness this duel. Isis stays a priestess, and Mana eventually gets a Sennen Item. Seto then creates the Tablet with him and the Pharaoh on it. It reads:

"Substance became sand, became dust Treasure, sword and body were covered through period of time on the remain of nameless Pharoah Time was the battle of soul I would like to declare the poetry of battle and the poetry of comrade"

Reporter: badmonkeygirl
Date: Feb 2004


alright i got some big ass spoilers that not many know about.first off yamis name as in the pharoe† his name isssssss......ATEM yup thats right atem dats da name people have called him atemu also so either one i asume is fine i use atem tho thats the one they use mostly in the comic...ok heres another spoiler after the doom kaiba holds a tornement called the KC grand prix but since the doom thing hes been too budy to participate any who this guy named siege count seige floyde rich ass pretty boy an also europian dulist chmapoin he has valkyrie monsters (new monsters) an an awsome new magic card called Ride of the valkyries wich beat weevil AND rex raptors powerfull monsters in 1 TURN an now joey has to fae him ...this new bad dude seige MAY not be the big boss tho theirs some mystrias 16th dulist that hacked KC mainphrame computer system...thats basicly all i know right now Oh and all of dartz deck but im too lazy to say right now ...well actually i will ill only tell u the name of the cardss not the effects *due to lazyness (ok here goes'
Seal of the oracle curse
Oracle Gil Gars
Oracle Eye
Seal of the oracle curse (the second seal)
Orcle mirror ritual
Mirror knight korin decent
Oracle diablos
Twin Headless archers
Seal of the oracle curse (the third seal)
Oracle Shinoras
Oracle aretsu
Oracle dekshin
Serpent knight dragon Ge (INFINITE ATTACK POWER)
Oracle God
Dark Oracle Dragon
souls of the old man
Impact revive
and most lily monster reborn an stuff well that's all the spoilers for now latar

Reporter: suga_in_disguise
Date: Feb 2004


Ya'll have a lot wrong, but I'm here to set you to the straight and narrow path. Yami's real name is either Atem or Atemu, depending on what country you are in. Noah does turn Kaiba and Mokuba to stone, they just showed that episode today!!! Uhh, towards the end of the actual battle city finals they show that when Yugi and Malik duel, Malik resurrected Ra like 7 times, and Yugi beats Malik with Obelisk, when he brings Osiris out he only has two cards in his freakin hand!!

Reporter: Tuuli
Date: Mar 2004


This is a little old, but I have something to add about Yami's real name...

I think it's really supposed to be Atemu. Okay, that's the way Japanese would anyway say it, but it seems to be also the Egyptian way. The hieroglyphs that are used to write it are Vulture, Loaf of Bread, Owl, and a Quail Chick, and that's Atemu. (Atem would be Vulture, Loaf of Bread, and Owl.)

Atemu (or Atem, or Tum) is mentioned in the Egyptian Book of the Dead as the God of Annu. Supposedly, he usurped the position of Ra, and he is represented by the evening or night sun.

Reporter: [email protected]
Date: Apr 2004


Hey wats up, i know for a fact whats gonna happen. noa turns everyone into stone except yugi. yugi then defeats noa and they all turn back to their normal selves. anyway that happened already, but after they all escape from the virtual world, marik goes after mokuba (who is really noa) and with his millenium rod frees mokuba from the world and gives his body back.then the finals begin and the last duels are joey versus marik and yugi versus kaiba. marik defeats joey with not with the winged dragon of ra but with the time wizard that marik took with card exchange. then yugi defeated kaiba in a close duel by using dark paladin. then when marik beat joey he sent him and his sister to the shadow reaLM. he sent his sister because marik was pissed that joey got rid of† winged dragon of ra. during yugi and mariks duel marik brings back joey and tells yami yugi that if marik loses he wont release him but if yugi loses he will let them all go. little yugi wanted to forfit the duel but yami disagreed. then little yugi remembered that the millenium ring could release people fom the shadow rwalm. yugi wins and kills the yami† marik. the real marik apoligizes for eveythimg and shows yugi whats on his back. he found out that if he gets all 3 god cards and all millenium items that that all items will be reterned to their cave in egypt. little yugi didnt want to get rid of his puzzle so he gave all the items to shadi. yugi kept the puzzle and the necklace. kaiba thens looks downstiars in the blimp and sees serenity that she sprained her ankel. serenity then kissed kaiba and duke walks in. duke gets pissed and fights him . duke gets locked up in the room. joey didnt like it alot.

Reporter: dragons_gurl
Date: May 2004

Updated Spoilers!!!

i'd like to set something straight here. Seto and Serenity NEVER kiss, Joey NEVER gets the winged dragon of ra, infact he almost dies in that duel, and yugi does accept obilisk from kaiba. Who ever said all those things were true, don't know their head from their rear end. Sorry, it just bugged me they had it SO wrong. ^_^ byez for now.

Reporter: ?
Date: June 2004

Super Future Spoilers!

Egyptian Spoilers:

1. The God Cards combine together near the end of the series.
2. The King of Thieves Bakura dies.
3. Pharaoh Atemu/Yami Yugi duels little Yugi in a ceremonial duel, to decide who stays in the present. Basically a duel for the body.
4. Malik, Isis, and Rishid return later in Egypt.
5. The whole Egyptian series is just a table-top RPG, being played by Yami Yugi, and Yami Bakura, using soul cards.

Reporter: Jaded Cat Eyez
Date: August 2004

Better Spoiler Updates!

Ok, to one of the last so called spoiler - WRONG!† Yami Yugi/Pharoah Atem NEVER duels Yugi for the body.† In the Egyptian Arc, Yami Yugi shows the 3 Egyptian God Cards tot he Stone Tablet and then†his soul gets taken out of the Puzzle and into the ancent stone tablet.† [Remember the stone tablet that was shown to Seto by Isis during the Battle City Arc?† That one.]† So does Yami Bakura's soul, because he put a piece of himself into his puzzle.† There they re-live the past events in Ancient Egypt, while Yugi, Anzu, Jounouchi, and Tristan goes into the Millennium Puzzle to try to figure out ways they can help Atem by trying to open doors and successfully navigate through the puzzle and try to help Atem remember.†† In a huge portion of the Egyptian Arc, Atem and Yugi arent even together.† So how can they duel?!† Pfft.† Atem doesnt want to stay in the present.† He knows what is†his 'destiny' and 'fate' so he will go†and follow through with it.

Reporter: Ryou-Chan
Date: September 2004


Okay all you Dub followers this is a serious spoiler... I'm talking about the very END okay?? So If you really want to spoil it for yourself here we go!

You've probably heard about the Priests and Thief Bakura spoiler (Please who ever made up the one about Yami Yugi and Yami Bakura being brothers... what the..?) Thief Bakura is defeated along with Zork Necrophiusdu, (Main evil baddy), after which Yami (Atemu) gives the Millenium Puzzle to Priest Seto, and tells him to rule wisely along with the Blue-eyes white dragon. Anyway Yami (now a spirit) leaves with Yugi and the rest (Anzu/Tea Jou/Joey Honda/Tristan) After finding Bakura (Ryou) unconscious outside of the Memory world they leave to find Marik, Ishizu and Odion (Rishid) waiting for them to take them to the Final Judgment Duel. After a boat ride down the Nile, (practically everyone s'cept Mai is there) talks and shares their feelings about the final confrontation which turns out to be...
Dun Dun Dun

Yugi Vs Yami (Atemu)!

The battle takes place over several episodes (manga and anime) and voila! The victor:


Yugi Motou

So with the defeat of the game king, and all seven millenium items together in the tablet, the doors to the afterlife open, theres a quick and cute good bye between Yugi and Yami and the others. Yami (atemu) walks through the doors with a thumbs up as his attire changes to Pharaoh's and you see a quick scene of the priests waiting on the other side for their pharaoh's return.

The walls in the temple start to crumble after the doors close and everyone runs out, you then see everyone, Joey, Tristen, Tea, Marik, Bakura, Kaiba, Mokuba, Ishizu and Odion, even Yugi's grandpa and finally Yugi himself staring into the sky and it says somthing about Atemu;s story ending and Yugi's has only just begun.

And thats it... The End!
Thankyou for reading this jumbo spoiler ^-^ Ja ne!

Reporter: Daria
Date: November 2004


Updates!! Word is that Seto Kaiba CHEATED in the chess game with Gozaboro that decided if he were to stay at the orphanage or go and live with him. He did it so Mokuba could have a good life. That is what made him hard as stone to others. When I read the manga, it shocked and disgusted me but then I realized that is was for†the greater good.

Reporter: WWW_Net_Osiris
Date: January 2005


In manga version Seto cheated G. Kaiba, but in the anime version he won fair and square.

Memory World from the Japanese world has transformed into Millenium World in the U.S. version!!!

Doom Saga Alister/ Amelda's little brother wasn't kidnapped by the Kaiba army, he was killed by a missile crossed fire!!! When Pharoah won against Weevil/ Insector Haga, he yells at Weevil where's Yugi. Varon/ Valon vs. Joey's duel is one of the most violent duels ever!!!

In the Memory world we've see that Mana is the Black/Dark Magician Girl's host. Mahado fused his spirit with his own monster to transformed into the Black/Dark Magician!!! We've seen that the Pharoah also fused his spirit and his monster to transformed into the Black Luster Soldier!!! We've seen where the other two Blue- Eyes White Dragon came from. When Seto Kaiba came into the world he summoned his own dragon and the spirit from Kisara and Priest Seto.

In the final battle Yugi finally destoryed the three God monsters in won turn. Atem (Yami's real name) overjoyed that Yugi destoryed those monsters and the real battle begans.

The final ending shows this: Kaiba and Mokuba when ahead to the future of their lives. Rebecca still likes Yugi (with the angered Tea/ Anzu) Joey/ Joonouchi and Otogi/ Duke still chasing Shizuka/ Serenity (with the watchful eye from her brother). Weevil/ Haga and Ryu/ Rex duels. Leon and Sieg talks to Pegasus and for some reason Pegasus agrees on something. Mako/ Kayiki duels with Espa/ Esper Roba. And Vivian and Mai tag team against the Paradox brothers!!!

Yugi's final words are that this isn't a story about a pharoah because others have their own. His just started...

Reporter: Jennifer A
Date: February 2005


Seto gets the millenium eye(Pagasus' eye). Supprisingly, he doesn't use it against Yugi. Next season, Yugi will no longer be the main character in Yugioh! He doesn't die or anything. The mystery of the Pharoh is solved so he gives his deck to an ambishious student named Juidy, excuse the spelling. Kiaba's father is supposed to have a big part in this season too!

Reporter: Larien N
Date: May 2005


Kaiba gets the M. Eye from Bakura after they duel for Mokuba
Ryou or Bakura never get sent to the Shadow Realm they are actually in Atem's puzzle
The Ishtar family reappears in the Egyptian Arc
Priest Set IS NOT Atem's cousin...I repeat IS NOT! My logic is that because if you watch the whole Set/Kisara thing, you'll realize Set was just a common ordinary boy, why else would Set be wearing regular clothes in the dead of the night w/o any guards? And why else would he be screaming for his mother in a VILLIAGE when the gypsies burned it down? You have your logic there!

Reporter: OVIDIU B
Date: May 2005


In the end the†3 gods fuse to form horakhti because yugi canít defeat zork. The 3 gods all get beat be zork individually, then exodia is called by a priest exodia almost beats zork(better then what the†gods did) but exodia gets beat too. then yugi says his name atemu and all 3 gods fuse into horakhti and they defeat zork.

Reporter: Roy P
Date: November 2005


Priest Seto is the cousin of Pharaoh Atem! his father (Priest Akunadin) is the younger brother of Pharaoh Akunumkanon.
15 years ago, before leaving, Priest Akunadin was saying good bye to his wife and son, Seto. In order to rescue this kingdom, he had to leave his background of Pharaoh's younger brother. Also, he told his wife to bring up Seto and forgot everthing about him. Both of them should move and live in a distant town.

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